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Ft Worth Midwife Kim Watkins LM,CPM

Ft Worth Midwife Kim Watkins LM,CPM

"Birth with peace and joy"


"Birth with peace and joy"

A Midwife's Mission

Dedicated to the highest level of service and satisfaction

"Throughout the world, there exists a group of women who feel mightily drawn to giving care to women in childbirth. At the same time maternal and independent, responsive to a mothers needs, yet accepting full responsibility as her attendant; such women are natural midwives. Without the acceptance and presence of the midwife, obstetrics becomes aggressive, technical, and inhumane," professor G.J.Kloosterman,Chief of OB/Gyn, U. of Amsterdam

Philosophy of Practice

Midwives are guardians and keepers of normal, healthy pregnancy and birth.  We believe that pregnancy and birth are normal, natural processes of a woman's body, not a disease or medical condition.  Birth under the care of a trained midwife has been proven to be a safe and empowering option. Midwives are the true experts in normal birth, and combine time honored traditional skills with the most current evidence based practices to make this time of welcoming a new family member a safe and joyful one.

Training and Experience

Kim Watkins is a Texas licensed midwife as well as a NARM certified professional midwife. Having been involved in midwifery since 2007, she is a member in good standing of North Texas Midwives Association, The Association of Texas Midwives, Christian Midwives International, and Coalition for Improving Maternity Services. Kim is also a NARM approved preceptor and a Member of the Association of Texas Midwives Training Program Education Committee, remaining fully committed to participating in raising the next generation of midwives. 

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